He who saves one life saves the world entire

Last night I decided to watch the DVD of the absolute classic, Schindler’s List, again. A long time had passed since I had last seen it, but for the last couple of weeks the urge to watch it again had come upon me.

In my mind, this movie has always had the labels of beautiful and humane. Also, the ending scene and the memorial have always been most prominently envisioned in my mind when recalling this film, tears ominously present. However, in all of its beauty I had forgotten the actual antagonistic images. Horrific “hell-like” scenes pass your TV screen throughout the movie.

I came to wonder, how come I did not recall these horrifying images? The beauty of the humane had obviously made the biggest impression on me and I think that’s what this movie is trying to portray. When everything seems to dissolve and decay, goodness will still be around. It is this inhumane background that foregrounds and challengingly beautifies Schindler’s actions. It is the malign that sparks the goodness. It is hope.


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