A Wonderland with Pain. Part I

Vice Versa

The straps break accordingly
It dazzles me, my dear, not here
Crappy sailors, aren’t we, he?
A rain dance, take faith and
Break the straps accordingly

– K.J.E. February 2012

Bobby the Rhyming Rabbit

Bobby hops on his way to the crops and stops
He sniffs the whiffs surrounding the jiff cliffs
Wonders, during thunders, about his blunders
Being a pursuant truant, continuously fluent
In rhyme, but not in time to prevent the lime
In the situations of the nations of citations
Being defined and designed as a different kind
Makes Bobby wonder, during thunders, about
The blunders of mankind, in rhyme to prettify

– K.J.E. Fall 2011

Moving towards set visions
Crossing borders of benevolent birds
Run a little faster, fly, and everything,
Blinded by exhilarating baseball caps,
Intangible to the rest of the world,
Will be alright since I will or, maybe, might
Forget about you one of these days.

– K.J.E. Summer 2011


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