RA in Oxford: City of Inspiring Spires

Only a short while ago (though it already seems so frightfully distant now), we, Kristy Evers and Ilse Ras attended a symposium on Science & Literature at the St. John’s College in Oxford. It was organized by RA’s Dr Michael Burke and St. John’s Dr Emily Troscianko, who both presented some of their own research as well.

Oxford itself is already magical, with its numerous colleges and scholars, but St. John’s College, the richest college in the city, is also gorgeous in its own right, with old quads and new buildings all forming the puzzle pieces of this institution.

St. John's College, Oxford

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Rise of the Colourful Dead

 “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta” is the rap music that accompanies the late arrivals while they slowly drag themselves into the room. People are spread out across the room, filling the chairs and shading the walls. A tight-knit group is sitting front row. All are facing the guest of honour, the man in the colourful centrepiece. The man in the coffin.

Photo by Lian Roovers

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A Wonderland with Pain. Part III

This doesn’t make sense

The leafs laugh at passing people
The grinning cat captures them in
A picture or two – wondering who
Is being restrained with paint,
We walk on, but not for long
Since there, amidst your floating
Thoughts, are drifting shifting gifts
Not being able to jump and catch
Alas, you might make a mismatch
So we need to abide time, I guess
Disarray in the minds of supreme
Experts – maybe a dessert will do
Eating cookies, I am still able to

– K.J.E., Summer 2011