Vilnius, Lithuania

I have to admit that it has been a while since I wrote my last post. Caught up in finals, followed by the need to celebrate the start of my summer break, I did not find (make?) the time to write something. One of the things marking the beginning of my summer was a one-week trip to the Baltic States. I returned last week and now I would like to share some of my impressions. In this post will show you Vilnius’ highlights.

Vilnius, Lithuania

So the first stop (out of three) on this trip was Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. My three highlights: the KGB headquarters, the churches and the interesting food.

KGB Headquarters

I feel I learned most about the historical side of this city and country. The struggle for independence and injustice of several suppresions are at the forefront of their history. Our visit to the former KGB headquarters and prison made a very big impression on me.

Museum of Genocide Victims at the former KGB Headquarters


During a city walk we came across multiple diverse churches and buildings, all kinds of different styles represented.

Interesting food

Yes, very pink soup. It is a cold soup made of beetroots. Also, the traditional food contains lots and lots of potatoes. Think stuffed potatoes, fried potatoes, potato sausages, potato pancakes, and many more.

Traditional Lithuanian Soup

Soon I will post about the other two cities I visited in Latvia & Estonia!


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