Tallinn, Estonia

Getting to the end of our journey, the last stop was Tallinn in Estonia. The tone of this country and city was immediately set, when we visited internet guru Linnar Viik on our first day. We learned a lot about Estonia’s developments and advancements in the world of internet and ICT. The next day we walked around the historical city centre, which to me was the most beautiful centres of the three cities, ending by visiting the pretty Kadrioru park.

The historical city centre of Tallinn really has a ‘historical feel’ to it. Old walls and buildings as well as other small aspects are found throughout the city:

The history of the country is very important to the Estonians and, therefore, in a passageway there is a timeline of the history of the country carved into a long row of stones on the ground. What I found quite interesting is that they also had two tiles that said something about the future: the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Song Festival and the 500th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The Kadrioru park in combination with great weather and sun makes an amazing afternoon and ending of the trip!


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