Kristy’s Back

Dear followers,

After a year of not posting anything (I am sorry I was too busy), I have decided to start writing on my blog again. My two main reasons:

1. I have been writing a lot for the regional newspaper these last weeks. Since many of my friends live outside of the region they are not able to buy the newspaper and read my pieces. Therefore, many of you have asked me if I could send you what I have written. Instead, I thought about posting the pieces on here, so everyone can read them. They are in Dutch though, but I am still considering translating them.

2. In less than two months I will be moving to the UK. Since I will most probably not be able to be in very close contact with many of my friends and family, I would still like to keep them updated on what’s going on in my life through this blog.

My posts will follow! Already happy to be writing on here again.

Love, Kristy


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