Oxford Prep: Choosing Courses

Yesterday, I sent in my options for the two C-Courses I will be taking the coming year. One in the first term, Michaelmas, and one in the second, Hilary. While my A- and B-Courses in both terms are set, Topics in English Language (History, Structure and Use) and Research Skills respectively, the C-Courses are special options that your can choose according to your interests.

So yes, according to my interests. This is where the problem starts. As some of you may know and as is reinforced by my Liberal Arts and Sciences background, my interests are very broad. Thus, having to choose between (for one term) about thirty  courses (I can choose courses from all strands in the English department) wasn’t an easy task.

Also, an important question I needed to ask myself was: what do I want to focus on? What might be useful courses, thinking ahead of my dissertation?

I narrowed my choice down to just a few courses quite quickly. Even though I think an historical approach is interesting, I do know that that is not the direction I want to go in. Also I am not in the English Language programme for no reason, so choosing a course close to this subject made sense.

When I finally ended up with three courses that I felt I would like to take in my first term, I needed to put them in order from most preference to least preference, since, as I just explained, I can only take one C-Course per semester.

The top three for my first term thus has become:

1. Language and Gender
2. World Englishes
3. Lexicography (dictionary-making)

The process of choosing a C-Course for my second term was a bit easier, since I felt there were less courses that I really liked to take. The top three has ended up being:

1. Contemporary Fiction
2. Humanitarian Fiction
3. Sociolinguistics

So if everything turns out all right I will be focusing on Language and Gender first and then on Contemporary Fiction. Quite exciting! I am looking forward to hearing what courses I will actually be put into, but I will probably need to wait a bit – will most likely only hear after the 15th of September.


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