Snapshots of Heidelberg

This summer I had to present at a conference in Heidelberg, Germany. Because I had no other holiday plans, I decided together with a friend that it would be a nice idea to attach a holiday to this conference trip. After being in Heidelberg for a while, we went to Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. In this post I will show you our highlights of Heidelberg.

1. The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

heidelberg dag 1-6

Locks on the bridge

2. View from the Philosophenweg – for best weather/temperature conditions in the summer go up in the morning

heidelberg dag 1-7

Looking down on the Old Bridge

3. A boat trip on the Neckar river – great to see some of Heidelberg’s surroundings

heidelberg dag 7-1

View from the boat

4. A visit to the castle – We had dinner there and this was the amazing view:

heidelberg dag 8

View over Heidelberg from the castle

5. The student prison – In the past this ‘prison’ was used to lock up misbehaving students for a bit

heidelberg dag 11-9

Student prison


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