Snapshots of Vienna

After having spent a few days in Prague, we took the bus to Vienna. These two cities are actually pretty close together. It was only a 4 hours bus ride.

These were my highlights of the city:

1. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral – This cathedral is very impressive. It is located on a very vibrant square with lots of shopping streets surrounding it.


St. Stephens Cathedral

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Snapshots of Prague

After we were done in Heidelberg, my friend and I took a nightbus to Prague. A nightbus might not have been the best idea (sore backs and sleep deprivation), but going to Prague certainly was. I had already been to Prague earlier this year, but that was only for a short weekend in which I did not get to see much of the city.

So here are our highlights:

1. Charles Bridge – Just as Heidelberg, Prague has an amazing bridge leading you to the historic centre. During the day the bridge is full of artists that can draw caricatures or portraits and little stands that are trying to sell souvenirs and jewelry.

Charles Bridge from a distant

Charles Bridge from a distant

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