Snapshots of Prague

After we were done in Heidelberg, my friend and I took a nightbus to Prague. A nightbus might not have been the best idea (sore backs and sleep deprivation), but going to Prague certainly was. I had already been to Prague earlier this year, but that was only for a short weekend in which I did not get to see much of the city.

So here are our highlights:

1. Charles Bridge – Just as Heidelberg, Prague has an amazing bridge leading you to the historic centre. During the day the bridge is full of artists that can draw caricatures or portraits and little stands that are trying to sell souvenirs and jewelry.

Charles Bridge from a distant

Charles Bridge from a distant

2. The Old Town Square – On this square you can find some amazing buildings. Also, there is the astronomical clock, which I think is amazing (though I think that the procession of the Twelve Apostles that happens every full hour is a bit overrated)


The Old Town Square


The Astronomical Clock

3. The Prague Castle Complex / St. Vitus Cathedral – On the other side of the Charles Bridge you can find the Prague Castle complex. It includes some very interesting buildings and museums. You will also find the St. Vitus Cathedral there, which is very impressive. The view over Prague is of course one great thing about the complex as well.


St, Vitus Cathedral

4. The Vegetarian Restaurants – As a vegetarian I was happily surprised to find so many vegetarian restaurants in Prague. Our travel guide had recommended one named Lehka Hlava, so we went there. We both loved the place and the food so much that we came back a second time. There were many good dishes on the menu and the restaurant had a great atmosphere.


At Lehka Hlava

5. The Jewish Quarter – If you get the chance, do visit the Jewish neighbourhood of Prague. It has many different synagogues, museums about the history of the Jews in Prague and an impressive cemetery.



One thought on “Snapshots of Prague

  1. I hope you do realize what a privileged young lady you are. As I read your stories sometimes I wish you were my daughter. But I could never give you the opportunities you are getting now. So count your blessings!

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