Snapshots of Vienna

After having spent a few days in Prague, we took the bus to Vienna. These two cities are actually pretty close together. It was only a 4 hours bus ride.

These were my highlights of the city:

1. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral – This cathedral is very impressive. It is located on a very vibrant square with lots of shopping streets surrounding it.


St. Stephens Cathedral

2. The Imperial Crypt – This is a burial chamber where many royalty of the House of Habsburg have been buried.


The Imperial Crypt









3. Hofburg – This area includes some amazing buildings, including most importantly the palace. Definitely a touristic must. There is also the Sissi museum and more.

17 21 234. The Jewish Museum – The Jewish museum consists of two different locations. Unfortunately, we were only able to go to one, since the other was closed when we arrived there. The museum we did go to was great though. It had an exhibition about Jewish humour and how it is used as a coping mechanism, which I thought was really interesting.


Museum Judenplatz

5. Wurstelprater – Somewhere in the centre of Vienna there is, suprisingly, an amusement park. It is definitely worth a visit when you are tired of sightseeing and just want to have some fun.



Finally, two things I would recommend you to do when in Vienna: 1) go to a concert, we went to a Mozart concert. Even if classical music isn’t your thing, the experience an sich makes it a lot of fun. And 2) eat a Sachertorte and many other cakes!

40 14


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