The Start of my Oxf… Squirrel!

So it has been almost two weeks ago now since I moved to the UK. Freshers’ Week is next week and only after that my programme will start, so I have really had the time to settle in and get to know the city. Even though I definitely had some mixed feelings when I left the Netherlands,

See the fear, excitement, stress, happiness, and many more emotions in this one expression?

See the fear, excitement, stress, happiness, and many more emotions in this one expression?

so far I have had a great time. Even though my room is rather small and you can hear my neighbour quite clearly, I love it. I have lots of storage space, which means I have enough room for all the books I brought (I do know that every Oxford ‘what to bring list’ says, don’t bring books, well… yes, so I did anyways).

No doubt only happiness here right?

Moving into my room: no doubt only excitement here right?

For those who want to see my room, there is Skype (I don’t feel like making and posting loads of pictures of the different angles of my room right now). I can, however, show you the rest of the house:


The house


The common room

The garden

The garden

So what I have been doing on a daily basis so far? I met some really cool (as well as some really interesting) people, with which I have had dinner and drinks many time already. I have been (of course) reading, both in my room and in the English Faculty Library. And I have been exploring the city, discovering all these amazing places and things!

Some fun facts about living in Oxford that I have experienced so far:

  • Everywhere around my house and in many other places in Oxford, there are squirrels! Cute, right? Apparently the inhabitants of Oxford don’t feel the same. They are more seen as a plague of annoying rodents than as the fluffy animals I perceive them to be. Even though I am slowly getting used to the random passing of squirrels when I am out, this definitely wasn’t the case two weeks ago. Many a time my concentration has proven to fail, when I was talking to a person and suddenly a squirrel passed by, resulting in me mid-sentence screaming ‘squirrel’ and my conversational partner either looking weird at me or just laughing.
  • 1240168_10202013353877473_1662920448_nAfter years and years of sleeping in a double bed, I now have a single bed. And yes, that takes some adjusting. I don’t know how single-bed-people do this, but in my experience you simply cannot really turn around in a single bed, and how I love turning around. Thus, in my attempt to survive sleeping in a single bed, I have, unfortunately, bumped into the wall multiple times as well as hang halfway out of my bed (I have not yet completely fallen out of my bed, ha!)

  • Lastly, even though I don’t have my double bed here in Oxford, my house luckily does resemble Roggeveenhof in one particular aspect: the fire alarm. This morning the fire alarm went off for the second time this week. Oh, memories.

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