Birthday Celebrations Abroad

Last Wednesday it was my birthday. 22 years old. Even though I feel that sounds quite old (in one of my friend’s words, ‘that’s going towards 30!’), I cannot complain. Most people in my college and programme here are already several years older, having some work experience and/or doing a DPhil or second master.

This also counts for most of my new, amazing friends here. I am so glad that in only a couple of weeks I have made some friends that I am sure I will be in touch with for a very long time. Thus, coming back to the topic of my birthday, I luckily had people to celebrate it with (in person).

So what happened on Wednesday? Let me show you.

00.01 – Lea and Nicky were in front of my door with cake, cookies and alcohol to wish me a happy birthday on the immediate start of the day!


Homemade chocolate chip cookies, Cava, a lovely card and a strawberry cake

08.00 Loads of messages and some phone calls coming in from the Netherlands. Yay, they still remember me! Also, loads of facebook posts and even some actual cards!


The creative art work of one of my best Dutch friends Kathelijne

12.30 Lea and Nicky then invited me to go out for lunch. We went to this great sushi place.


Nicky, Lea, Kristy

14.00 I went to do some shopping. I really wanted to buy a gown for the white tie ball I am going to attend (a blog about all those amazing events some time later), but didn’t manage to do so. However, I had a good look around, which made me go back the day after and, yes, I finally did buy a dress that day!

18.00 Time for dinner with Nicky and Jeroen. One of my favourite restaurants so far has definitely been Jamie’s Italian, so that’s where we went.
Also, I got a very appropriate gift from Jeroen, a book called: “Cocktails with a Literary Twist”


Kristy and Jeroen – After dinner cocktails. (Forgot to take a picture during dinner, and I was doing so well earlier…)

20.00 Drinks with even more great friends! We met up in a really nice bar and I received many delicious cocktails there. The highlight being my birthday cocktail.


Harry, Kristy, David


The birthday girl and birthday cocktail! Amazing, right?!



One thought on “Birthday Celebrations Abroad

  1. Dag kristy,

    Wat is dit lang geleden zeg! Wat gaaf dat je nu in england studeerd! Ik wens je veel succes met je opleiding. Had ook niet anders verwacht van jou. Haha

    Een hele dikke kus en knuffel!
    Kubra X

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