When I say ‘cockroach’, you say ‘jump’ – and more animals

Having been in Singapore for almost four weeks now, I am slowly adjusting to my new surroundings: the people, the (work) mentality, the customs…. and the animals.

In the last couple of weeks I have had some sporadic encounters with the most charming of wildlife, many small geckos, caterpillars and (sometimes huge) cockroaches. All three can be found around my flat every day. While I actually find the geckos and caterpillars somewhat interesting, the cockroaches just not so much.

It is the latter that I unfortunately sometimes run into walking to the MRT station in the morning and home at night. While peacefully walking outside, I would suddenly see a cockroach, often the size of my index finger, crossing my path. This would then cause me to quickly jump into the air and to the side, accompanied with some wild arm and leg movements and a weird cry of horror, after which I would quickly compose myself and walk on like nothing happened. Of course most of the time one or two people would be around to witness this event with either confusion or delight.

Thus, so far for my experiences of Singapore wildlife up until a few days ago. On Tuesday I finally went to a nearby nature reserve, Bukit Timah, with the hope of seeing some really exciting animals. As I had heard that they have loads of monkeys there, I was mainly lookng forward to seeing them.

As it turned out, however, (go figure) I ended up not seeing any monkeys. Fortunately I did see some other animals, like different kinds of lizards, turtles and loads of beautiful butterflies. Also since Bukit Timah is a hill I had a good work out as well. I guess those monkeys will just have to wait a bit for now. In a few weeks time I will visit another nature reserve, trying my luck there.

TBC – #wherearemymonkeys

Did someone say monkey?

Did someone say monkey? The guy who was taking our photo made us very happy for just a moment when he said “Look, monkey!” and then laughed as our eyes searched around in a confused manner.


Big lizard

Big lizard Fun fact: Apparently people eat them and believe their hearts will make you stronger… or something like that, I was told.




6 thoughts on “When I say ‘cockroach’, you say ‘jump’ – and more animals

  1. Great to read, brings me back 🙂

    There might be monkeys on the islands of St John’s and Kusu Island, though I’m not sure. For one thing, on Kusu Island there is a tortoise shelter, which is nice to see and if you go during the week it’s really quiet and a good place to sunbathe and swim!

    Have a great time in SG!

    • Thanks for the tips Jochem! Had read about Kusu island before and definitely still want to go there. Sounds great!

      In a few weeks I am going to walk a trail at MacRitchie Reservoir, apparently they can be found there as well…

  2. Hi Kristy, de grote lizard op de foto heb ik tijdens mijn wereldreis in grote aantallen gezien in Maleisië, volgens mij noemen wij die ‘varanen’. Heel wat leuker om die te zien dan de grote kakkerlakken! Maar volgens mij is er geen enkel Aziatisch land, met tropische temperaturen, waar je geen kakkerlakken tegenkomt. Het went wel denk ik. Liefs!

    • Hey Tante, ja kan wel kloppen. Die waren waarschijnlijk nog groter ook? Dit waren nog kleine werd mij verteld.
      Ik weet dat er een Maleisisch eiland is met allemaal komodo dragons, pas echt grote lizards. Lijkt me erg indrukwekkend.
      En ja die kakkerlakken wennen inderdaad al hoor (maar betekent niet dat ik ze minder vies ga vinden haha) x

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