Mooncakes and Lanterns

Yesterday I was invited to come celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the international hires of my school. While not a public holiday in Singapore, this Chinese(/Korean/Vietnamese/Japanese/Taiwanese) festival is celebrated here as well.

Originally a harvest festival, celebrating “the successful reaping of rice and wheat with food offerings made in honor of the moon” (Wikipedia), it is now mainly celebrated by friends gathering watching the moon and eating mooncakes. People also burn incense and put up lanterns, and there are performances of traditional dance and solving of Chinese riddes, among many other things.

Lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival

Lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival

So with a small group of people from work we met up in the city centre, went to a rooftop (so we could clearly see the moon) and ate mooncakes. The roof we were at had an amazing view of marina bay and the financial district. Definitely one of my new favourite places!

We had two different kinds of mooncakes, traditional ones (which I think are made of red bean and lotus seed paste) and some specialized ones from Hong Kong. Both tastes were very interesting, definitely not like something I have had before. Fun fact: I  was told that one mooncake has a staggering 1500 calories…

View from roof of Esplanade theatre

View from roof of Esplanade theatre




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