More animals (or yoga)

From downward-facing dog to cobra: a few weeks ago I started following yoga classes. I have only attended a few classes so far, but I am definitely enjoying it already.


While having some experience with yoga before – both in high school and in university I participated in some yoga classes – the yoga classes here seem so much more intense, going from one crazy animal pose to another. The other day I literally had to try to put my knees on my elbows (with emphasis on try...  a very amusing sight I assure you)


Not far off from my experiences

The yoga school I am at offers three main different types of classes: power, core and basics. These can all be taken as regular classes or as hot classes, where they heat up the room. Next to these they additionally have zen, power flow and monster hot yoga.

So far I have tried the regular yoga basics and core classes. Unfortunately I can report that I find the regular classes quite warm already (no freezing airconditioning). Not sure I want to know what ‘hot’ feels like… Who knows, however, how I’ll be feeling about it in a few months time, all mentally relaxed and physically flexible.


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