Singapore Adventures (Sept-Oct)

Since I also want to update people on what I have been doing in Singapore and not just where I have been travelling to, here are three things I have done over the last weeks: Dine in the Dark, a room escape and an infinity pool.


1. NOX Dine in the Dark – NOX is a restaurant where you have dinner in the dark. I think it is a very interesting concept: eliminating one of the senses should enhance the others. When you come in, you can first have a drink at the bar, where they explain to you the concept and what you can expect. You are not allowed to take in any objects that can give light and the person that brings you to the ‘dark room’ and is your waiter is blind, putting you in good hands. You get a three course meal with 4 small dishes for each course and afterwards you will have to fill in a little quiz for which you need to guess what you just ate. Then, they will show and tell you what you just ate. Usually a very interesting and at times suprising experience!


Just escaped from a scary hostel room

2. Room Escape – Having many different places that offer room escape games, this seems to be quite a thing in Singapore, so a must to try! With a group of friends we were locked in a horror hostel room (there are several different themes). You then get 60 minutes to try to escape the room by solving different puzzles and questions and finding different clues. You also get a phone which you can use to call for help if you are stuck. With the help of this phone (a few times), we were able to escape just before the 60 minuts were over!


3. Infinity Pool – Just over a week ago my dad and stepmom were visiting me in Singapore. Having a room at Marina Bay Sands, they (and consequently I) had access to the rooftop infinity pool. Not a bad way to to view the city and enjoy your day or night.


View from infinity pool at MBS


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