RA in Oxford: City of Inspiring Spires

Only a short while ago (though it already seems so frightfully distant now), we, Kristy Evers and Ilse Ras attended a symposium on Science & Literature at the St. John’s College in Oxford. It was organized by RA’s Dr Michael Burke and St. John’s Dr Emily Troscianko, who both presented some of their own research as well.

Oxford itself is already magical, with its numerous colleges and scholars, but St. John’s College, the richest college in the city, is also gorgeous in its own right, with old quads and new buildings all forming the puzzle pieces of this institution.

St. John's College, Oxford

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Kristy to Crystal

What can be a more appropriate topic to kick off my Kristylized Thoughts blog than David Crystal?

Somewhat over a week ago, I went to a lecture about internet linguistics of David Crystal, a legendary figure in the world of linguistics. Name any issue in linguistics and he’s written about it. You can imagine, me being a linguistics and literature nerd, how stoked I was to meet this man:

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