What I Have Been Reading Lately (2)

Besides being busy with academic reading, I always try to continue reading non-academic books as well (not sure how to phrase it exactly – can’t say fiction because I also read non-fiction, can’t say books that I read for fun because I consider (some of) my academic reads also fun). So what have I been reading lately?

At the moment I am reading Tonio: Een requiemroman by A.F.Th. van der Heijden. This is a Dutch non-fiction work about the author’s loss of his son. I have only read about a hundred pages or so yet (out of 600), but it definitely seems a very promising read.

Other books that I have finished in the last 1,5 month are the following:

1. Jonathan Franzen’s
Freedom – After having heard multiple stories from a friend about how great Franzen’s works are, I finally picked up one as well. I was very excited when I started reading the novel, because the friend that recommended the book usually likes the same kind of stories as I do, so I had high hopes. And oh boy, she was right. Freedom is a story about a family in our contemporary world and is written in a very engaging manner. All I can say is: Jonathan, you are my new friend. Definitely going to read more of his books.


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Jane Austen’s Emma (1815)

The time has arrived; the moment that I finally read finished a Jane Austen novel. Being a literature student and, therefore, having all these Austen-groupies surrounding me, I could not avoid reading one. In my last winter break, I started reading the novel Emma in one of my reading fits (whenever I have a break, I try to read as much as possible). At that time, I had already finished six novels and, feeling encouraged by some other peers, I took up the book. Anxiously, it had been waiting in my bookcase for this day; the day I would take it in my hands and flip the pages. Unfortunately, I was not able to embrace the book in return.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: The Movie (2011)

After having read the book last year, I simply had to see the movie too. I have never been looking forward so much to seeing a movie as this one. The book moved me and touched me. I just wanted and needed to relive this experience. Some people might think that such high expectations like these are prone to be let down, but the opposite was true. Last weekend, when the movie was finally released in the Netherlands, I hurried to the movie theatre to watch it, Kleenex tissues in hand.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

11-year-old Oskar and his father

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