The Big Singapore Move

Yes, I did it. I moved to the other side of the world. Six days ago I arrived in Singapore and since then I have found my own place, met different people, been exploring the city and been trying to adjust to the weather (read: going from airconditioning to sweating like crazy to airconditiong and repeat).

Lots of people have been asking me how things are going, so in this blog post I’ll put down a few of the things I have experienced/seen/heard so far.

My flight went smoothly. Singapore Airlines is definitely a fancy airline (free stuff!). Unfortunately wasn’t able to sleep much, so jetlag all over the place the next day, like almost falling asleep waiting for an appointment at my work and the same while waiting for my appointment at the hospital (see two paragraphs down).

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Birthday Celebrations Abroad

Last Wednesday it was my birthday. 22 years old. Even though I feel that sounds quite old (in one of my friend’s words, ‘that’s going towards 30!’), I cannot complain. Most people in my college and programme here are already several years older, having some work experience and/or doing a DPhil or second master.

This also counts for most of my new, amazing friends here. I am so glad that in only a couple of weeks I have made some friends that I am sure I will be in touch with for a very long time. Thus, coming back to the topic of my birthday, I luckily had people to celebrate it with (in person).

So what happened on Wednesday? Let me show you.

00.01 – Lea and Nicky were in front of my door with cake, cookies and alcohol to wish me a happy birthday on the immediate start of the day!


Homemade chocolate chip cookies, Cava, a lovely card and a strawberry cake

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The Start of my Oxf… Squirrel!

So it has been almost two weeks ago now since I moved to the UK. Freshers’ Week is next week and only after that my programme will start, so I have really had the time to settle in and get to know the city. Even though I definitely had some mixed feelings when I left the Netherlands,

See the fear, excitement, stress, happiness, and many more emotions in this one expression?

See the fear, excitement, stress, happiness, and many more emotions in this one expression?

so far I have had a great time. Even though my room is rather small and you can hear my neighbour quite clearly, I love it. I have lots of storage space, which means I have enough room for all the books I brought (I do know that every Oxford ‘what to bring list’ says, don’t bring books, well… yes, so I did anyways).

No doubt only happiness here right?

Moving into my room: no doubt only excitement here right?

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Snapshots of Vienna

After having spent a few days in Prague, we took the bus to Vienna. These two cities are actually pretty close together. It was only a 4 hours bus ride.

These were my highlights of the city:

1. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral – This cathedral is very impressive. It is located on a very vibrant square with lots of shopping streets surrounding it.


St. Stephens Cathedral

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Snapshots of Prague

After we were done in Heidelberg, my friend and I took a nightbus to Prague. A nightbus might not have been the best idea (sore backs and sleep deprivation), but going to Prague certainly was. I had already been to Prague earlier this year, but that was only for a short weekend in which I did not get to see much of the city.

So here are our highlights:

1. Charles Bridge – Just as Heidelberg, Prague has an amazing bridge leading you to the historic centre. During the day the bridge is full of artists that can draw caricatures or portraits and little stands that are trying to sell souvenirs and jewelry.

Charles Bridge from a distant

Charles Bridge from a distant

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Snapshots of Heidelberg

This summer I had to present at a conference in Heidelberg, Germany. Because I had no other holiday plans, I decided together with a friend that it would be a nice idea to attach a holiday to this conference trip. After being in Heidelberg for a while, we went to Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. In this post I will show you our highlights of Heidelberg.

1. The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

heidelberg dag 1-6

Locks on the bridge

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